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DREMEL has a wide range of products including rotary knives, saws and multi-purpose knives. Applications include cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing and more.


DREMEL not only professional use. Also perfect for amateurs, handcrafted and DIY application designs. Whether your interest is in paper crafts, jewelry making, home improvement or any other craft project, DREMEL offers you the perfect and high-performance tools to inspire your everyday life.


(Source: http://www.dremel.com.hk/hk/zh/%E9%81%B8%E6%93%87dremel/dremel-%E4%BB%8B%E7%B4%B9/)



  1. 我如何使用Dremel工具?
  2. 什麼是Dremel旋轉工具?
  3. 如何更換Dremel鑽頭或配件?
  4. 我能用Dremel工具做什麼?

Dremel Micro 8050製作輕木滑翔機

Dremel Micro 8050蝕刻酒杯